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Solar Pool Heaters

Take the pain out of regulating your pool or spa temperature with a Goldline Solar Controller.  Easy to operate, this controller features a single dial adjustment that allows you to set the desired
Goldline Auto Solar Controller Combo
Goldline Auto Solar Controller Combo
This SolarPRO bypass kit is only for use with SolarPRO XD1 & XD2 Heaters. It is required for in ground pools or 1 HP pumps or greater and for connecting two or more SolarPRO heaters.
AquaQuick SolarPRO Bypass Kit
AquaQuick SolarPRO Bypass Kit
The AquaQuick SolarPRO XD1 is the perfect solution for adding solar-powered heat to your above ground or smaller in ground pool.
AquaQuick SolarPRO XD1
AquaQuick SolarPRO XD1
The AquaQuick SolarPRO XD2 is the perfect solution for adding solar-powered heat to your above ground or smaller in ground pool and generates 3 times more heat than the XD1.
AquaQuick SolarPRO XD2
AquaQuick SolarPRO XD2
These space-saving pool heaters can add up to 8 degrees per day.  Designed for any above ground pool with any size pump, the heater easily plumbs to any existing filtration system.
AquaQuick SolarPRO XD3
AquaQuick SolarPro XD3
The Beluga solar pool heater heats your pool with just an ordinary garden hose. Just attach a garden hose to the Beluga, then lay the hose in the sun, and place the other end in the pool.
Beluga Solar Pool Heater
Beluga Solar Pool Heater
The Eco Saver Solar Dome absorbs heat from the sun’s rays and uses it to heat your swimming pool.  Works with all above ground pools, including Intex.
Eco Saver Solar Dome
Eco Saver Solar Dome Pool Solar Heater
The Solar Arc is a compact swimming pool heating unit that takes up less space than traditional panel systems. Collect free heat from the sun and transfer it to your pool water!
Solar Arc Pool Heater
Solar Arc - 2x4 ft. Solar Heater
Our Universal Solar Heating Systems have been designed to be used on in-ground or above ground pools and collect free heat from the sun and transfer it to pool water!
Solar Heating Systems
4 x 10 ft. SmartPool System with Hardware
Heat up the pool with solar energy! Comes with adapter for soft sided pools, two installation hoses, and collapsible base legs for mobility.
SolarPRO CURVE Pool Heater
SolarPRO CURVE Pool Heater

Solar swimming pool heaters provide an efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly way to heat your above ground or in-ground pool. Solar pool heaters use either solar panels or solar domes to collect free heat from the sun. That heat is then transferred into your swimming pool so it can keep your pool water comfortably warm.

With the help of solar swimming pool heaters, you can significantly extend your swimming season so you get the very most use and enjoyment out of your pool each year. Solar pool heaters are completely free to operate and their initial cost is lower than that of gas pool heaters so you can enjoy cost savings now and in the long run as well.

  • Solar pool heaters use free energy from the sun's rays to heat your pool.
  • Using solar swimming pool heaters together with solar blankets will provide you with all the heat you need for your pool.
  • Solar pool heaters are growing in popularity across the country.
  • Models available for swimming pools of different sizes.
  • Provide efficient heat transfer.
  • Will extend your swimming season.
  • Will make your swimming environment more comfortable.
  • Will raise the temperature of your pool up to 10°F.
  • Environmentally friendly heating option.
  • No fuel costs involved and free to operate.
  • More affordable than gas pool heaters.
  • Additional panels and add-on kits available for some models.
  • Durable construction allows for years of use.
  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent investment.

Deluxe Solar Pool Heaters for in-ground pools use 2 ft x 10 ft vertically mounted solar panels which allow for proper drainage while providing efficient heat transfer. The Aquaquick solar pool heater is an above ground solar pool heater which uses a solar dome design for heat transfer. These solar above ground pool heaters are very compact and won't take up much room in your yard. No matter which type of solar pool heater you prefer to use for your pool, you will be able to enjoy significant cost savings as well as a warm and comfortable aquatic environment.

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