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AquaQuick SolarPRO Bypass Kit

This SolarPRO bypass kit is only for use with SolarPRO XD1 & XD2 Heaters. It is required for in ground pools or 1 HP pumps or greater and for connecting two or more SolarPRO heaters.This SolarPRO Bypass Kit is for use with the AquaQuick SolarPRO XD1, XD2, and XF swimming pool heaters on all in ground pool installations and pumps with 1 HP or greater. Using these heaters can cause the water flow to be restricted when passing through and with larger pumps it becomes necessary to bypass part of the water and send it straight to the pool. This bypass will optimize flow through your system and the slower moving water in the heaters will collect more heat and protect your pump and plumbing from the added pressure. If you run your pump and filter ant night, you can bypass the heaters for more flow and so you don't cool the pool. Each kit comes complete with a 2-way valve, and everything you need to make all the connections for a complete bypass system.

  • Only for use with GAME SolarPRO XD1 and XD2 Heaters heaters
  • Required for in ground pools
  • Required for 1 HP pumps or greater
  • Easy to install
  • Allows you to adjust the flow

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  • Warranty: 90 Day Full Replacement Warranty
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    S8206   AquaQuick SolarPRO Bypass Kit   $39.99  

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