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Swimming Pool Alarms

You must take every precaution to keep your pool safe and secure. Rest assured with the Gate Alarm by Poolguard™. The alarm will sound 7 seconds after a child opens the gate.
Gate Alarm
Gate Alarm
The POOLGUARD Door Alarm will sound when the door is opened and will continue to sound until the door is closed and the alarm is reset, even if a child goes through the door and closes it behind them.
Pool Guard Door Alarm with Transmitter
Pool Guard Door Alarm with Transmitter
The PoolEye PE20 swimming pool alarm for in-ground pools features and underwater wave detector. Alarm sounds when any object weighing more than 15 lbs. enters the water. Swimming pool safety alarms.
PoolEye PE20 Alarm for In-Ground Pools
PoolEye PE20 I/G Pool Alarm
The POOLGUARD Door Alarm will sound in 7 seconds when a child opens the door, and the alarm will continue to sound until an adult comes to the door and resets the alarm, even if a child goes through t
PoolGuard Door Alarm
PoolGuard Door Alarm
The POOLGUARD POOL ALARM features an under water sensor that activated the alarm when an object weighing 18lbs or more falls into the water.
PoolGuard In-Ground Pool Alarm
PoolGuard In-Ground Pool Alarm
Poolguard’s Safety Buoy Pool Alarm is designed to be used in any above ground pool including quick set, soft sided, and portable above ground pools as well as spa’s and some small in-ground pools.
Poolguard Safety Buoy Pool Alarm
Poolguard Safety Buoy Pool Alarm
Each easy to set up kit includes a Base station with AC adapter and user guide. You will also receive the baby turtle plug for the base station and a key for locking the buckle on the wrist band.
Safety Turtle Alarm Base with Kit
Safety Turtle Alarm Base w/ Kit
The PoolEye PE23 for use on above ground or in ground pools will protect your family and pets from unattended entry to your pool and alert you of unwanted guests so you can relax and not have to worry
PoolEye Universal Alarm
PoolEye Universal Alarm

There's simply nothing more important than your family's safety. When you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you want to be sure that you have adequate safeguards in place in order to prevent tragedy. At Save on Pool Supplies, we understand the vital importance of peace of mind in this regard. That is why we offer a selection of first-class swimming pool alarms for in-ground and above ground swimming pools.

Our in-ground pool alarm systems include the Aquaguard Alarm and the PoolGuard Alarm. Both of these alarm systems will be activated whenever a child or pet weighing at least 18 pounds falls into the water. Both units also come with remote units for placement inside your house so you will be immediately alerted whether you are inside or outside. These units also feature advanced sensing technology which greatly reduces the occurrence of false alarms caused by wind or by toys entering the pool water. Highly reliable, these pool alarms will provide you with the security and peace of mind that you need.

Above ground swimming pools should also be guarded by an alarm system in order to ensure the safety of your children. As with our in-ground pool alarm systems, the PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm will detect the presence of children and objects in the water weighing 18 pounds or more. This alarm's cutting-edge technology makes it very reliable so you can feel confident that accidents will be prevented before they even happen. This above ground pool alarm system is designed for use with swimming pools up to 30 feet in diameter and can be used with a solar blanket.

Save on Pool Supplies also offers pool alarms that come with safety wristbands for your children to wear. If your child's wristband becomes immersed in the water, the alarm will sound and will not stop until you reset it. Another great safety product that we offer is the PoolGuard Door Alarm, which will sound if a child passes through the pool door, even if the door is closed behind them. All of these swimming pool alarms are available from Save on Pool Supplies for great value, so you can enjoy enhanced safety and peace of mind without breaking your budget.

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