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In-Ground Pool Liners

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No doubt you have heard about inground pool liners but you might not know why you would need to invest in one. Certainly, buying a new inground swimming pool liner isn’t the most exciting endeavor but it is still an important one.

Pool liners
  • Enhance the durability of your pool
  • Enhance the aesthetic of your pool
  • Provide a comfortable swimming surface
  • Extend the life of your pool
Indeed vinyl liners for inground pools are an integral aspect of your pools construction. Not only do they protect the walls of your pool from damage, but they create a smoother swimming surface. Plus, pool liners for inground pools are available in a variety of styles and designs and as such can redefine the décor of your back yard.

Not all inground pool liners are created equally, however. As you have probably noticed, the cost of different pool liners can vary drastically and this is usually the result of quality. Pool liners for inground pools are available in a range of gauges. Usually, a pool liner will have a gauge of around 20 milliliters but sometimes it is beneficial to invest in a thicker liner.
  • A higher gauge is more durable
  • Higher gauges are better for pools with enthusiastic swimmers
  • A higher gauge will last longer
So, if you expect swimmers to test the limits of your pool liner, you’ll probably want to invest in a thicker liner. Or, if you’re hoping to get more longevity, a thicker inground liner is also a better alternative.

Yet despite durability and comfort, pool liners typically serve one major purpose: they enhance the beauty of your pool. Vinyl liners for inground pools are available in almost any color you can imagine and there are a wide range of patterns available too. You’ll want to consider the overall style of your yard before you select your pool liner. They are not easy to replace so you should take your time before you buy your pool liner. Make sure you have the right specifications and that the inground pool liner will complement your swimming experience.

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