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Poolsaics Underwater Pool Mats

Poolsaics pool emblems feature bright colorful mosaic images that you can use to decorate your pool bottom and show off your own personal style.These extra-large pool emblems are 59 inches in diameter and feature bright colorful mosaic images. Pool medallions are removable and require no adhesive or installation. Simply drop large pool art into the pool and let it sink to the bottom. Large pool graphics provide hours of beautiful imagery all season. Made of 1/8 inch thick vinyl (the same material used in vinyl pool liners) and held in place by the weight of the material and gravity of the water, large pool mosaic images add style and design to the pool while providing a removable and cost effective decoration. Use pool decal mats at pool parties, during holidays, special events, all year long. Perfect for indoor or outdoor swimming pools the mats can also be used to cover unsightly pool stains and rust spots. Pool mosaics are an affordable accessory for all types of pools including concrete pools, vinyl pools, above ground pools, in-ground pools, gunite and fiberglass pools. Pool Mosaics won't interfere with automatic pool cleaners and are resistant to pool chemicals and UV rays from the sun. It is best not to place pool mosaics on an incline or rough surface as air bubbles underneath the material will cause pool art to shift. You can also custom order your own Monogrammed Mosaic with 3 letters and color choice for letters and background or design personal custom graphics and sizes by submitting a measurement from and hi-resolution image to our art department for review and a custom quote. Click here to see Custom Information or call 1-800-732-6262 for more information.

  • UV resistant
  • Resists pool chemicals
  • Compatible with automatic cleaners
  • Last for years
  • Works with all pool types
  • 59 in. diameter x 1/8 in. thick
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.

  • Additional Images

  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Item Name ONLY! 
    A6600   Aquatic Fish Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6601   Compass Mosaic Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6602   Dart Board Mosaic Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6603   Pineapple Mosaic Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6605   Fleur de Lis Mosaic Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6606   Fleur de Lis Stone Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6607   Parrot Mosiac Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6608   Pirate Flag Mosiac Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6609   Shamrock Mosaic Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6610   Tropical Fish Mosiac Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6611   Island Sunset Palms Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6620   Hibiscus Mosaic - Red Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6621   Hibiscus Mosaic - Pink Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6622   Hibiscus Mosaic - Purple Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6623   Hibiscus Mosaic - Blue Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6624   Hibiscus Mosaic - Green Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6625   Hibiscus Mosaic - Gold Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6630   Jamaican Sun Mosaic Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6631   Kokopelli Mosiac - Neutral Lg Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6632   Kokopelli Mosiac - Blue Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6633   Kokopelli Mosiac - Green Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6634   Kokopelli Mosiac - Purple Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6635   Kokopelli Mosiac - Red Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6640   Palm Trees Mosiac - Blue Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6641   Palm Trees Mosiac - Green Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6642   Palm Trees Mosiac - Purple Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6643   Palm Trees Mosiac - Red Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

    A6650   American Flag 5x3 ft. Large Pool Mat   $244.99  

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