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Skimmer Guard & Rubber Plug - A/G

Get ready for winter with an affordable above ground skimmer guard and rubber plug and enhance the lifespan of your skimmer.As water freezes and melts it expands and contracts and can cause serious and costly damage to your skimmer and other pool equipment. The protection offered from an above ground pool skimmer guard and rubber plug can ensure the condition and lifespan of this necessary pool equipment. A winterization skimmer guard for above ground pools prevents cracks and breakage in your skimmer due to freezing temperatures.
  • Our skimmer guard for winter works like a compensator inside your skimmer housing
  • By absorbing the expansion of freezing water, our skimmer guard for winter prevents the skimmer housing from cracking
  • Just drop the winterization skimmer guard for above ground pools into the skimmer after you lower the pool water level
  • Ensure complete winterization with the skimmer guard and rubber compression plug which is put into the return line fitting to further prevent freezing
  • Prevent expanding water from leaking and cracking the plastic inlet
An above ground pool skimmer guard and rubber plug is an extremely effective yet affordable way to protect your skimmer during the winter.

  Available Products
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W2970   Above-Ground Skimmer Guard   $8.99   $9.99  

W1100   1.5 inch Rubber Plug   $3.49   $3.99  

When it comes to winterizing your pool, there are a series of steps you must take to protect your pool water, surfaces, and equipment. Of course, covering your pool with a winter grade cover is an excellent start. And you will invariably want to protect your pool water with a pool winterizing chemical kit. Still, your pool winterizing is not complete without an above ground pool skimmer guard and rubber plug.

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