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In-Ground Pool Closing Accessories

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Save On Pool Supplies has the lowest prices on all your pool winterizing needs. Find great savings on non-toxic pool anti-freeze and prevent water from freezing in your pool’s plumbing system.
Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze
1 gallon
Official Loop-Loc patches are manufactured from the same extra-strong material as the Loop-Loc safety covers.  They are self-adhesive and require no tools. All types are available.
Safety Pool Cover Patch Kit
Loop-Loc Patch Kit - Green Mesh
Unbreakable Aqua Blocks for in-ground winter swimming pool covers provide an excellent alternative to water tubes and will secure winter pool covers without splitting or breaking.
Unbreakable Aqua Blocks
Aqua Block
Swimming pool winter cover patch kits are ideal for repairing minor holes and tears and provide an easy and economical way to make your winter pool cover last longer.
Winter Pool Cover Patch Kit
Winter Cover Patch Kit
The Blowout Skimmer Guard Kit is designed to protect your skimmer from freezing water. It allows you to blow out your pool lines and add antifreeze without lowering your water level.
Blowout Skimmer Guard Kit
Blowout Skimmer Guard Kit
This amazing little pump can drain over 200 gallons per hour without electricity or batteries.  It is powered by the force of water pressure from an ordinary garden hose.  And unlike a siphon, the Mir
Miracle Mini Pump
Miracle Mini Pump
One-way swimming pool winter valves eliminate the need for draining your pool during winterization. One-way valves prevent water from entering return lines while allowing water and air to escape.
One-Way Winter Pool Valve
One-Way Pool Valve
In-ground pool skimmer guards absorb the force of expanding ice to protect your skimmer from cracks and other costly damage.  Will accommodate 1.5 inch or 2 inch skimmer inlets.
Skimmer Guard - I/G
Skimmer Guard - I/G
Place this swimming pool winterizing plug into fittings inside the pool to seal water out of the pool plumbing. Winterizing plug for in ground swimming pools helps keep pool plumbing safe.
Winterizing Plug - I/G
In-Ground Threaded Plug (1 ½)
The swimming pool Leaf Gulper cleans pool bottoms in minutes and keeps leaves out of pool filters. The Leaf Gulper is great for spring openings and quick fall cleanups.
Leaf Gulper
Universal Leaf Gulper
Get the Winter Ball for swimming pools at the lowest online price when you shop at Save On Pool Supplies.  We have everything you need to winterize your swimming pool.
The Winter Ball
The Winter Ball
The Aquador for in-ground pools is easy to install with its snap-on closure system and will effectively protect your pool's skimmer from freeze and ice damage during the winter.
AquadorTM for In-Ground Pools
Standard Aquador - Regular
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When it comes time to close your in ground swimming pool for the winter, it's important to have everything you need so you don't encounter any unnecessary hassles or inconveniences. It's also necessary to ensure that you close your pool properly in order to protect your pool from damage and to make your spring opening go more smoothly. At Save on Pool Supplies, we offer a wide range of fall closing accessories for in ground swimming pools so you can find all of the supplies and equipment that you will need to secure your pool for the winter months that lie ahead.

Save on Pool Supplies' wide selection of fall closing accessories for in ground swimming pools includes everything from water pumps and skimmer guards to a variety of different types of winter covers. Our available water pumps include the Miracle Mini Pump, the Rule 1800 Automatic Pump and the Water Wizard Pump, all of which will allow you to easily drain water from your swimming pool in preparation for a fall closing. We also offer the Skimmer Guard and the Skim Saver Lidl Seal, both of which will prevent in ground swimming pool skimmers from cracks and other freeze damage during harsh winter weather.

Save on Pool Supplies is also the place to find a great selection of winter covers, including weatherproof pool heater and pump covers as well as weatherproof diving board covers. With these covers, you can protect your pool equipment from damage caused by ice, snow and moisture, so you can save money on maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Save on Pool Supplies also offers many other in ground pool closing accessories such as water tubes for securing your winter pool cover, non-toxic anti-freeze and pool cover patch kits. With our great selection of products and our unbeatable low prices, Save on Pool Supplies has everything you need to make your fall pool closing go quickly and easily.

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