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Pool Opening Equipment & Accessories

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Interactive pool water testing & pool troubleshooting software computer program. Pool owner's manual with easy step-by-step pool troubleshooting instructions.
PC Pool PalTM
PC Pool Pal
Remove water from your pool, pool cover, or spa with this handy, lightweight, submersible pump from Ocean Blue that pumps 350 gallons per hour!
350 GPH Cover Pump
350 gph Cover Pump - Continuous run
If you need to pump water off you pool cover, to empty your pool, fountain, or other water feature, this fully submersible pump can remove water at the rate of 500 gallons per hour.
500 GPH Cover Pump
500 gph Cover Pump
Attach CoverBlast to your pool cover pump and eliminate the need for a garden hose.  Sets up in seconds and never freezes. Shoots 25’ in the air when attached an 1800 GPH cover pump.
CoverBlast Cover Pump Attachment
CoverBlast Cover Pump Attachment
Economy pool cover pump for above ground swimming pools. Pool cover pumps make opening a swimming pool easy. Use a pool cover pump to quick swimming pool cover draining. Pool Winterizing equipment.
Economy Pump
Cover Care Pump Replacement Foam Filter
Little Giant pumps are ideal for removing water from pool and spa covers as well as for draining pools, spas and ponds.  Little Giant cover pumps can pump up to 1700 gallons of water per hour.
Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump
Little Giant APCP-1700
Water Wizard pumps are ideal for removing water from pool and spa covers as well as for draining pools, spas and ponds.  Water Wizard pumps can pump up to 1200 gallons of water per hour.
Little Giant Water Wizard Pump
Water Wizard
This amazing little pump can drain over 200 gallons per hour without electricity or batteries.  It is powered by the force of water pressure from an ordinary garden hose.  And unlike a siphon, the Mir
Miracle Mini Pump
Miracle Mini Pump
The Slime Bag™ features a unique combination of material that allows it to filter particles as small as 1 micron, while returning the clean water to your pool.
The Slime Bag
The Polishing Bag™
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Open your pool the right way this season with pool opening supplies from Save On Pool Supplies!

Save On Pool Supplies offers a diverse selection of pool opening supplies and equipment that will allow pool owners to enjoy an easier, more convenient spring opening. Whether purchased as pool start up kits or as individual products, our pool opening supplies provide swimming pool owners with the tools required to clean pools following the winter season and to prepare them for a summer of swimming. Whether you own an above ground pool or an in-ground pool, Save On Pool Supplies has pool opening kits and pool opening supplies to meet all of your needs.

Our long line of pool opening supplies includes cleaning supplies and equipment such as leaf rakes, leaf skimmers and vacuum heads. Our leaf skimmers and leaf rakes feature fine mesh material and flexible yet substantial frames, providing durable tools for cleaning away surface debris. Our vacuum heads, on the other hand, are ideal for suctioning debris from pool floors. Our selection of pool opening supplies includes vacuum heads designed for use in vinyl pools, concrete pools and fiberglass pools. Our leaf skimmers and vacuum heads can be attached to our telescoping poles for greater manoeuvrability and reach.

Other cleaning supplies and cleaning-related equipment available from Save On Pool Supplies include vacuum hoses, wall brushes and stain erasers. Our Deluxe Wall Brushes feature rounded corners for easier cleaning and can be used to clean many different types of swimming pools. Our vacuum hoses are available in heavy duty and standard models and our stain erasers will remove many stains and scum lines without damaging the surface of your swimming pool. Once again, our wall brushes and stain erasers can be attached to telescoping poles for easier cleaning.

Save On Pool Supplies' wide selection of pool openings supplies also includes skimmer guards for both above ground and in-ground swimming pools. These products prevent toys and other items from obstructing the skimmer while still allowing bugs and other debris to enter the skimmer. Additional available pool opening supplies include a variety of swimming pool heaters such as AquaQuick above ground solar pool heaters and Hayward above ground induced draft heaters.

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