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Leaf Rakes

Heavy-duty swimming pool leaf rakes feature 16 inch mesh bags that can scoop up a large volume of leaves. With aluminum bar frames, heavy-duty leaf rakes are durable and won't bend or break.Experience incredible leaf-grabbing action with heavy-duty pool leaf rakes!

Heavy-duty pool leaf rakes provide great convenience and excellent results. There's nothing more tedious and frustrating than spending too much time skimming leaves out of pool water with a tiny, flimsy leaf rake. That's why our heavy-duty swimming pool leaf rakes can make such a difference in the lives of pool owners. With sturdy, durable frames and large-volume mesh bags, our heavy-duty pool leaf rakes will pick up more leaves and debris without bending or breaking.

Our swimming pool leaf rakes feature 16-inch bags constructed from chemical-resistant and sun-resistant mesh which will provide many years of use. The heavy aluminum bar frame further enhances durability, providing exceptional strength. Our heavy-duty pool leaf rakes are available in Standard and Pro-Strength models, providing pool owners with two great options to choose from. In addition, our leaf rakes are affordably priced so pool owners can enjoy great convenience for great value.
  • Large-volume swimming pool leaf rakes feature 16 inch mesh bags.
  • Mesh bags are made from chemical-resistant and sun-resistant material.
  • Heavy aluminum bar frame provides exceptional strength and durability.
  • Can remove a large volume of leaves at one time.
  • Will make pool cleaning faster and easier.
  • Pro-Strength pool leaf rakes include a leading edge for extra leaf scooping power.
  • Can be used in above ground and in-ground swimming pools.
  • Will attach to telescopic poles with butterfly clips.
  • Economically and competitively priced for remarkable value.

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  •   Available Products
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    A2230   Standard Leaf Rake   $14.99  

    A2240   Pro-Strength Unbreakable Leaf Rake   $16.99  

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