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Winterizing Pool Chemicals

Save On Pool Supplies carries the perfect pool winterizing chemical kits for any size pool.  We carry the most impressive range of pool products at the lowest online prices.
Pool Chemical Winterizing Kits
Small Kit
Our ultimate winterizing pool chemical kit offers complete, affordable, and all-natural pool chemicals that prevent algae growth and protect your pool throughout the winter!
Ultimate Winterizing Pool Chemical Kit
Ultimate Winterizing Chemical Kit
Get the WinterPill for swimming pools at the lowest online price when you shop at Save On Pool Supplies.  We have everything you need to winterize your swimming pool.
The WinterPill
The WinterPill
Save On Pool Supplies has the lowest prices on Pool Magic Spring & Fall with Phos Free and all your pool treatment and maintenance needs.
Pool Magic & Phos Free
Pool Magic + PHOSfree 1 Liter
Save On Pool Supplies carries the lowest prices on winter algaecide and all your winterizing needs. Shop for great deals on all your pool products and equipment all year long at Save On Pool Supplies.
Winter Algaecide
1 qt.
Save On Pool Supplies has the lowest prices on all your pool winterizing needs. Find great savings on non-toxic pool anti-freeze and prevent water from freezing in your pool’s plumbing system.
Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze
1 gallon
Metal Free Pool Chemical removes metallic elements from pool water to prevent staining and discoloration. Metal Free Pool Chemical is ideal for use in pools with well water or hard water.
METALfree Pool Chemical
1 Liter

Make sure your swimming pool is properly prepared for winter with winterizing pool chemicals from Save on Pool Supplies.

By taking all the right steps to close your swimming pool when the winter months are approaching, you will be protecting your pool from algae growth and debris build-up, which will thereby make spring openings faster and easier. At Save on Pool Supplies, you can find top-quality chemicals and winterizing kits that will allow you to meet the oncoming winter with confidence.

In particular, our selection of winterizing pool chemicals includes Pool Magic, a special natural enzyme formula designed to break down organics and prevent scum-line formation. Another great product that will prevent unsightly stains, build up and discoloration is Metal Free, which is a metal deactivation agent that will keep your pool free of stains caused by iron and other metals that may be present in your pool water.

Save on Pool Supplies' selection of winterizing pool chemicals also includes non-toxic anti-freeze and winter algaecides. Our non-toxic anti-freeze is super safe and can be used for all types of pool plumbing. Our winterizing algaecides are specially formulated to work effectively throughout the winter and will prevent troublesome algae growth. Our algaecide formulas will even help other winterizing pool chemicals work more effectively over a wide range of pH levels, which is particularly beneficial during the winter season.

Save on Pool Supplies also offers winterizing pool chemicals in convenient kits that will provide you with everything you need to close your pool in one complete package. Whether you choose one of our winterizing kits or our individual products, our supplies are of first-class quality and are available at outstanding, affordable prices. In fact, Save on Pool Supplies offers the lowest shipped prices on the web and is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service, quality and value.

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