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Swimming Pool Heaters - Gas, Heat Pump, and Solar Heaters

Having the right equipment will allow you to get the very most out of your swimming pool. With an efficient and high-performing pool heater, you can open your pool earlier in the spring and close it later in the fall so you can enjoy an extended swimming season and extra hours of fun with friends and family. With discount prices and only the highest quality merchandise, Save On Pool Supplies is your source for pool heaters for above ground and in ground swimming pools.

Our diverse and extensive selection of pool heaters includes gas heaters, solar heaters and heat pumps. These products are available from a number of different leading brand names, including Pentair, Teledyne-Laars and Hayward. Known for their reliable and high-performing products, these manufacturers have certainly earned and deserve their excellent reputations. This is why Save On Pool Supplies is proud to offer a wide range of products bearing these brand names.

Our line of gas pool heaters includes the Hayward Induced Draft Heater for above ground swimming pools and the Teledyne Laars LX Pool Heater. The Induced Draft Heater from Hayward provides 81% thermal efficiency and is built to last for years with minimal maintenance. The Teledyne Laars LX Pool Heater has also been built to last and is smart as well as powerful and efficient. With a built-in diagnostic system, this model will bring potential problems to your attention and will help you resolve them.

Save On Pool Supplies also offers solar pool heaters for above ground and in ground swimming pools. Less expensive to purchase than gas heaters and costing nothing to operate, solar heaters are great for your wallet and for the environment. Easy to install and easy to use, these pool heaters will allow you to use the sun's heat to keep your pool warm so you can enjoy a longer swimming season.

At Save On Pool Supplies, you'll not only find exceptional quality, you'll also get great value for your money. We offer discount prices on all our first-rate merchandise with no additional shipping and handling charges so the price you see is the price you pay.

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