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Protect your family and your pool with safety swimming pool covers from Save On Pool Supplies. Available in a variety of grades and models, we offer safety pool covers for every pool and every budget. Safety pool covers can significantly enhance safety and peace of mind by dramatically reducing the risk of pool-related accidents. At the same time, safety pool covers can help to protect your pool from the elements so that it will stay in good shape for many years to come.

Save On Pool Supplies' wide and diverse selection of safety swimming pool covers includes mesh pool covers and solid pool covers. Mesh safety pool covers are constructed from high quality mesh material that will keep leaves and other debris out of the pool while allowing rainwater and melting snow to seep through the cover and into the pool. As such, troublesome puddles of water will not form on mesh pool covers, making spring cleanups easier and keeping your pool area looking great. At the same time, mesh safety pool covers form a secure layer over the pool, preventing children and animals from accidentally falling into the water.

Solid safety pool covers also prevent children and animals from accidentally ending up in the pool. However, solid safety pool covers differ from mesh covers in the sense that they provide a solid barrier over the pool. These covers do not allow debris or water to enter the pool. While some water may need to be drained off the surface of the cover in the springtime or following rainstorms, solid safety pool covers will keep your pool cleaner as even fine silt and debris that is able to penetrate mesh covers will not penetrate solid covers.

Whether you prefer mesh safety pool covers or solid safety pool covers, Save On Pool Supplies has many great options for you to choose from. In addition to different grades and price ranges, we also offer custom sizes, shapes and colors. While different covers come with different prices, all of our safety pool covers are competitively priced, offering both great quality and great value.


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