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Swimming Pool Lights

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Illuminate your pool with this Floating LED Pool Light. Just turn it on and place it in your pool. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it imparts a warm, ambient glow for up to 12 hours between charges
Floating LED Pool Light
Floating LED Pool Light
Light up your above ground pool with the Nitelighter pool light! Bright enough to illuminate any above ground pool.
Nitelighter Above-Ground Pool Light
Nitelighter Deluxe - 50 watt
Pool light for above ground swimming pools installs directly into any return inlet. Underwater pool lights are fun for night swimming and light up your swimming pool water. Pool lights at In The Swim.
Deluxe Above-Ground Pool Light
Deluxe Darkbuster Light
Replacement swimming pool lights for in ground pools. Hayward underwater swimming pool lights will fit any pool light niche by American Products, Pac-Fab (Hatteras) or Purex (Hydrotech).
Hayward Replacement Lights
300W12V 15' Cord
ColorLogic® 4.0 by Hayward combines patanted technology and the most advanced LED lights in the industry to deliver high intensity light in an extensive selection of colors.
Hayward ColorLogic 4.0 LED Pool Light
ColorLogic 4.0 LED Light - 120V 50ft. Cord
This new LED pool light from Intex uses magnetic technology to generate a low voltage current through your pool's vinyl sidewall.
LED Pool Wall Light
LED Pool Wall Light
Floating solar pool lights will stay lit for 8 hours when fully charged.  These floating solar lights look great in your pool, pond, fountain or lake. Multiple color settings to fit every environment.
Floating Solar Pool Light
Floating Solar Pool Light
Manufacturer # SP0600U
Corrosion-free housing
All niches include a 45 degree 1 in. outlet, which can be adjusted
Hayward Concrete Gunite Niche
Hayward Concrete/Gunite Niche
Manufacturer Part # SP0607U
Corrosion-free housing
All niches include a 45 degree 1 in. outlet, which can be adjusted for top or rear conduit connection
Hayward Vinyl Fiberglass Niche
Hayward Vinyl Fiberglass Niche
Designed to fit any In-Ground pool light with a standard threaded light bulb fitting. Match Watts & Voltage to your existing light bulb.
Replacement Light Bulbs
Brighten your Resin Deck with Solar Deck Lights. Designed to attach to the above-ground Resin Deck posts, each Solar Light Kit includes a base, solar light.
Solar Deck Post Light
Solar Deck Post Light - 4 pack
Enhance the look of your above ground Resin Fence with Solar Lights. Each kit includes mounting bracket, solar light and hardware.
Solar Fence Light
Solar Fence Light - 4 pack
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Light up your swimming pool and deck with swimming pool lights from Save on Pool Supplies. We offer a wide selection of lighting options for you to choose from, some of which can be used directly in your pool’s water and others which are designed for use on and around your pool deck. Our swimming pool lights will enhance the safety of your pool environment at night and will also help to create a unique and intriguing atmosphere. Whether you're looking to light up a special occasion or simply to brighten up your pool area, Save on Pool Supplies has everything you need.

Our diverse selection of swimming pool lights includes solar lights and LED lights. We offer solar deck post lights as well as solar fence lights which can be easily installed and will help to keep your pool area well lit at night. Since these lights draw their power from the sun, there are no wires or electricity involved. At Save on Pool Supplies, you will also find solar lights designed for use in pool water. These floating lights will automatically illuminate at night and will transform your pool into an eye-catching spectacle.

We also offer other swimming pool lights that will create a dazzling effect. For example, the Underwater Light Show is a battery-powered product that features several different light patterns to choose from. These patterns are projected onto the pool walls and bottom for a stunning and dramatic lighting display. Aquaglow Floating Glow Lanterns will also add magic to your pool area. These colorful lanterns can float in your swimming pool or can be hung from an umbrella or lined along a walkway.

In addition to all the fabulous options mentioned above, Save on Pool Supplies also offers many other swimming pool lights that can be used to add a special ambience to your pool environment. All of our lights and swimming pool accessories are available at discount prices with no shipping or handling fees, so you can add drama and light to your pool without breaking your budget.

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