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Chlorine-Free & Alternative Pool Chemicals

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Contains refresh salts for salt water chlorine generators and 1 liter of Salt Water Magic to remove phosphates, prevent stains and stabilize chlorine. Chemicals required to maintain your salt system.
Salt Water Magic Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack
Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack
Nature2 mineral purifier reduces the amount of pool chlorine needed. Nature 2 is the natural way to purify pool water. Nature 2 mineral pool purifier for In ground swimming pools.
Nature 2 Express Mineral Purifiers
Nature 2 Express (IG Pools)
Replacement Nature 2 mineral cartridges for in-ground and above ground swimming pools. Replace the Nature2 cartridge every 6 months.
Nature 2 Replacement Mineral Purifier Cartridges
Nature 2 Express Replacement Cartridge
(for I/G or A/G pools)
Power Ionizer mineral sanitizer for swimming pools reduces chlorine usage by releasing bacteria-killing copper and silver ions into swimming pool water.
Power Ionizer Mineral Sanitizer
Power IonizerTM
Are you shopping for a Hayward Swimpure Chlorine Generator? We offer an impressive range of Hayward pool equipment and accessories at the lowest online prices.
Hayward Swimpure Chlorine Generator
Swimpure up to 15K Gallons
Solar Clear is a solar powered water  purification system that reduces sanitizer usage by ionizing your pool water so bacteria and algae cannot survive.
Solar Clear Solar Powered Water Purifier
Replacement Screen
Pool frog mineral purifiers for in-ground pools reduce chlorine use and keep swimming pool water clean and sparkling.
Pool Frog In-Ground Mineral Reservior, Bac Pacs, and BAM Algaecide
Replacement Mineral Reservoir - In-Ground
Pool frog mineral purifiers for above-ground pools reduce chlorine use and keep swimming pool water clean and sparkling.
Pool Frog System for up to 25K Gallons
Frog System
New Water brand replacement mineral purifier cartridges at discount prices. Swimming pool mineral purifiers and New Water replacement cartridges at In The Swim.
Replacement New Water Pre-filled Cycler Pacs
Cycler Pac - Above Ground Pools
Aqua Silk chemical systems are comprised of several powerful formulas that will leave your pool water clean and clear without harsh chemical odors.
Aqua Silk
Aqua Silk Sanitizer 1/2 gallon
The Eko Klor floating ionizer by Solaxx eliminates algae problems in your swimming pool.  Using the power of the sun it dispenses copper to prevent and kill algae.
Eko Klor Floating Ionizer
Eko Klor Floating Ionizer
Flippin' Frog Floating Mineral & Chlorine Cartridge System simply floats on the pool surface and automatically dispenses a combination of minerals and chlorine which fight bacteria and combat algae.
Flippin Frog Floating Mineral & Chlorine Cartridge System
Flippin' Frog Floating Mineral & Chlorine Cartridge System
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If you want to keep your swimming pool clean and sanitized without the smell and skin and eye irritation caused by chlorine, Save on Pool Supplies will provide you with everything you need to do just that. We offer a great selection of chlorine-free and alternative pool chemicals so you can enjoy clean and healthy swimming water without the use of chlorine, which many people find too harsh for their liking. In fact, we offer many different alternative chemicals and accessories that will allow you to maintain and purify your swimming environment.

Pool Perfect is one example of the many alternative products available at Save on Pool Supplies. This formula uses nature's enzymes to break down the oil and scum that build up in your pool and filter system, thereby cutting down on your reliance on chlorine and bromine. Pool perfect is 100 per cent biodegradable and is highly effective at preventing unsightly waterlines and stains. Another great chlorine-free option is the Splashes Chlorine-Free Pool Chemical System. This Sanitizing chemical system comes with chlorine-free pool sanitizer, pool shock, algaecide and other formulas, providing a complete and highly effective pool sanitization system.

Save on Pool Supplies also offers mineral purifiers and solar powered ionizers. Mineral purifiers use minerals to control bacteria and to provide softer pool water. Our Pool Frog Mineral Purifiers are available for both above ground and in ground swimming pools and are very easy to install. Our solar powered ionizers ionize pool water, inhibiting the ability of bacteria and algae to survive. As a result, these ionizers reduce the need for pool sanitizing.

Save on Pool Supplies' great selection of alternative pool chemicals and products also includes ozone generators, which destroy many different types of contaminants and can reduce chlorine usage by up to 40 per cent. All of these great products and more are available from Save on Pool Supplies at amazing prices, so you can enjoy exceptional quality as well as outstanding value.

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