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Pool Chemical Value Packs

Get ready for the summer swimming season with your swimming pool start up chemical kit. Save on Pools has all the chemicals and pool accessories you need to ensure a long and enjoyable swimming season
Pool Start-Up Kit with Powerful Chlorine Shock
Basic Start-up Kit
Find Ultimate Start Up Pool Chemical Kits for excellent value.  Ultimate Pool Chemical Kits contain all the chemicals required for a successful pool opening.
Ultimate Pool Start-Up Chemical Kit
Ultimate Start-Up Kit
The Ultimate Chemical Value Pack from Save On Pool Supplies not only provides you with all the chemicals you need to balance your pool water but will save you money as well!
Ultimate Chemical Value Pack
In-Ground Ultimate Chemical Value Pack
Spring/summer pool chemical kits contain stabilized chlorine,chlorine shock, chlorine-free shock,Super Algaecide and Stain Away.With pool chemical kits,you can conveniently keep your pool water clean.
Spring/Summer Pool Chemical Value Kits - Chlorine
Above-Ground Chlorine Chemical Kit
Save On Pool Supplies is your one stop destination for pool chemical kits and everything pool and when you shop with us we deliver the goods right to your door!
Budget-Saver Pool Chemical Value Pack
Budget Saver Pack
Pool algae attack packs specifically formulated to help solve your pool algae problem. Helps kill green pool algae, yellow mustard pool algae or black pool algae. Includes all the pool chemicals you n
Algae Attack Pool Chemical Value Packs
Green Algae Pack
Contains refresh salts for salt water chlorine generators and 1 liter of Salt Water Magic to remove phosphates, prevent stains and stabilize chlorine. Chemicals required to maintain your salt system.
Salt Water Magic Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack
Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack
Save On Pool Supplies carries the perfect pool winterizing chemical kits for any size pool.  We carry the most impressive range of pool products at the lowest online prices.
Pool Chemical Winterizing Kits
Small Kit
Our ultimate winterizing pool chemical kit offers complete, affordable, and all-natural pool chemicals that prevent algae growth and protect your pool throughout the winter!
Ultimate Winterizing Pool Chemical Kit
Ultimate Winterizing Chemical Kit
AquaPill's SummerPill is the perfect hands-free pool maintenance value pack from  Simply drop the pill in your skimmer & let it work it's magic for 30 days!
AquaPill - Summer Pill
AquaPill - Summer Pill

With the need for so many different chemicals to keep your pool water clean and safe, swimming pool maintenance can seem like a monumental task. However, Save on Pool Supplies offers a great supply of pool chemical value packs that will allow you to easily and conveniently keep your swimming pool sanitized and contaminant-free. From pool winterizing kits to pool start-up kits, we have a variety of budget saving pool chemical value packs that contain everything you need for successful yet hassle-free pool maintenance.

Our great inventory of pool chemical value packs includes the Ultimate Pool Start-Up Chemical Kit, Bromine Spring Pool Chemical Value Kits, Algae Attack Pool Chemical Value Packs, the Salt Water Magic Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack and many other products. The Ultimate Pool Start-Up Chemical Kit is designed to make spring openings go quickly and smoothly, and contains everything from algaecide and chlorine pool shock to test strips and pool opening instructions.

Save on Pool Supplies' Bromine Spring Pool Chemical Value Kits provide alternatives to chlorine-based chemical kits and will help you enjoy a trouble-free swimming season with clean, clear water. If you find yourself dealing with a stubborn and persistent algae problem, our Algae Attack kits will allow you to save both time and money while quickly and effectively ridding your pool of algae blooms. The Salt Water Magic Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack is also an excellent kit which contains an all-in-one formula that will keep your salt water chlorine generator working at peak performance month after month.

At Save on Pool Supplies, we believe in only offering first-class merchandise and top-of-the-line customer service. That is why we provide only high quality products without any hidden charges or fees. All of our pool chemical value packs are available at discount prices that will allow you to get all of the swimming pool chemicals you need for proper pool maintenance at outstanding value.

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