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Pool Clarifiers & Pool Cleaning Chemicals

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Super Clarifier is a concentrated, powerful pool water clarifier formula which coagulates microscopic particles to improve filter function and efficiency and restore the shimmer to dull water.
Super Clarifier
1 qt.
All natural swimming pool chemicals clear cloudy pool water and improve pool conditions in 4 ways. Powerful pool clarifier keeps swimming pools clear and reduces the need for other pool chemicals.
Ultra Clear 4-in-1 Natural Clarifier
1 Quart
Enjoy sparkling clear water when you use Ultra Clarifying Tabs.  Put these tablets directly into your skimmer to help remove impurities in your pool water and increase your filter's efficiency.
Ultra-Clarifying Tabs
Ultra Clarifying Tabs 1.5lbs
Shop for affordable swimming pool clarifiers and other pool cleaning chemicals at Save On Pool Supplies.  Choose from our fantastic selection of equipment, chemicals, toys and supplies.
1 qt.
Super Floc Out is a liquid pool water clarifier which clears cloudy water fast. Super Floc Out swimming pool water clarifier is great for use during spring pool openings.
Super Floc Clarifier
1 qt.
The ultimate problem solving swimming pool chemical. All natural enzyme swimming pool chemical removes waterline stains, and any organic contamination. Reduced pool chlorine and cleaner water.
Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid
Pool First Aid 2 Liter
The Sapphire Stuff pool chemical combines a pool metal stain remover and pool water clarifer. Resolve swimming pool water problems with Jack's Magic swimming pool chemicals.
The Sapphire Stuff - by Jack's Magic
1 quart
Eclipse3 Ecology is a 100% all-natural clarifier for your pool and hot tub.  This enzyme enriched formula is the safest way to eliminate cloudy water, scum buildup and odors.
Eclipse3 Ecology
Eclipse3 Ecology - 1 qt.
Swamp Treat eliminates algae in any type of pool in 24 hours or less!
Swamp Treat
Swamp Treat 1 lb.
Get all your pool chemical needs at Save on Pools, including the triple action chlorine tabs that are easy to use as they sanitize, clarify, and prevent algae growth in your pool water.
Triple Action Chlorine
Super Skimmer Tabs
Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 9 lbs.
Extend filter cycles and reap the benefits of low maintenance costs with DE Cleaner!  By removing grease and oil from your filter, our highly effective DE Cleaner restores filter efficiency for maximi
DE Filter Cleaner
DE Filter Cleaner 1 qt
Eclipse3 Ejector dissolves and dislodges mineral deposits and loosens scum and scale, which can restrict the flow of water through your pool's filter.
Eclipse3 Ejector
Eclipse3 Ejector
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Keeping your swimming pool clean all year round doesn't have to involve backbreaking work. With the help of pool clarifiers and pool cleaning chemicals from Save on Pool Supplies, you can keep your swimming pool and pool equipment sparkling clean with minimal effort on your part. From swimming pool water and liners to pool covers and filters, we have clarifiers and cleaning products that will provide you with superior and powerful cleaning performance.

Our Save On Pool Supplies Clarifier is a very economical yet high-performing product that will help you to get rid of and prevent cloudiness in your pool water caused by dirt and oil. Its fast-acting formula is biodegradable and will help to boost the efficiency of your pool filter. To keep your pool water clean during the winter months, Winter Pool Secret is a great option among our pool clarifiers and pool cleaning chemicals. This clarifying product is a fast-dissolving gel which has been specially designed for use during the cold months of winter.

Save on Pool Supplies also offers a selection of quality products designed for cleaning pool covers, liners and filters. Our Spray-On Cover Cleaner features a non-toxic, natural enzyme formula which will clean your pool cover without the need for scrubbing. We also offer a variety of tile and vinyl cleaners that will easily remove scum marks and grease build-up. Our pool cleaning chemicals designed for swimming pool filters include the highly concentrated Granular Filter Cleaner and the Liquid Sand Filter Cleaner.

In addition to our extensive and diverse selection of pool clarifiers and pool cleaning chemicals, we also offer incredible discount prices. Moreover, at Save on Pool Supplies, we don't charge any shipping or handling fees and there won't be any hidden charges added to your order. So when you shop at Save on Pool Supplies, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality merchandise for exceptional value.

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