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HTH® Shock-N-Swim

HTH shock is a powerful chlorine shock treatment that rids your pool of algae and bacteria so you never have to worry about having clean, safe water.Clear, clean pool water with its refreshingly cool temperature is the perfect solution to a hot summer day. The ability to jump into crystal blue water makes the hot summer months seem more bearable but maintaining your water quality takes work. HTH shock is the ideal weekly shock treatment for ridding your pool of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other organic contaminants. Plus, when you have a sudden algae bloom, HTH shock gives your pool a quick chlorine boost to kill the algae and prevent future growths.

Using a treatment such as HTH swimming pool shock is an integral part of your pool maintenance. Without adding chlorine to your pool with a product like HTH pool shock your pool becomes a cesspool of biological contaminants that can be harmful to your health. Indeed, proper water sanitation is probably your most important responsibility as a pool owner and HTH shock can help you keep your pool water clean and safe for swimmers. While restoring clarity to your pool water, HTH shock also balances your pool’s pH and creates soft, comfortable water.
  • 47.6% calcium hypochlorite
  • Great for spring start up
  • Weekly shock treatment kills and prevents algae
  • Buy in bulk for bigger savings
  • Dosage: 1 lb. per 11,500 gallons
HTH shock is affordable and also one of the most effective shock treatments available. Whether you’re looking for a weekly shock treatment or you want to control algae outbreaks, HTH shock is the product for you.

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Description ONLY! 
Y8300   5 x 1-lb. bags   $22.99  

Y8320   18 x 1-lb. bags   $64.99  

Y8340   36 X 1-lb. bags    $127.99  

Use HTH pool shock weekly to kill and prevent algae in swimming pools.

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