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Lithium Pool Shock Granular

Find the best value for your money at Save On Pool Supplies. If you’re shopping for Lithium Pool Shock, we have great deals on top quality granular swimming pool shock.PROLONG THE BEAUTY OF YOUR POOL LINER!

The idea behind shocking your pool is to add a quick boost of oxidizing chemicals to destroy organic contaminants like algae and also to prevent their return. The typical granular pool shock is chlorine based, and lithium pool shock is no different. In fact, the difference between chlorine shocks is that the active component is combined with calcium while with lithium shock the active component is combined with lithium. Most pool owners choose chlorine shock because it is cheaper than lithium swimming pool shock but many experts feel lithium granular pool shock is the superior choice.
  • Lithium pool shock is soluble and dissolves immediately
  • No more cloudy residue
  • No more bleached vinyl liners
  • Ideal for hot days and heavy swimming loads
  • Ideal for weekly use
  • Active ingredient: lithium hypochlorite
  • Our economical brand compares with Burn Out 35, Fast Shock, and Super Chlorinator
  • Buy in bulk for bigger savings
  • Lithium Hypochlorite
  • Dosage: 1 lb. per 6,000 gallons
  • For best results broadcast directly over pool surface and brush away any settled particles.
The main benefits of lithium shock are that because it dissolves more quickly, it starts sanitizing immediately and because it uses lithium it won’t affect the calcium hardness of your pool. Changes of calcium hardness can cause corrosion to expensive pool equipment and as such lithium pool shock is often considered the superior granular pool shock. To safely and effectively sanitize your swimming water, lithium shock is a great alternative. Quickly kill bacteria and algae and promote clear, comfortable water with lithium swimming pool shock while also protecting the surfaces and equipment of your pool from chemical corrosion.

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Size ONLY! 
Y8105   6 x 1 lb. Bags   $46.99  

Y8110   12 X 1 lb. Bags   $89.99  

Y8120   24 X 1 lb. Bags   $174.99  

Y8130   48 X 1 lb. Bags   $349.99  

Y8140   96 X 1 lb. Bags   $689.99  

Use lithium pool shock weekly in your swimming pool to kill bacteria and prevent algae for crystal clear pool water.

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